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The Pernicious Enigma
01 January 1997

Cover artwork and Logo by Simon.
Booklet artwork by Steve
Recorded and Mixed at Rich Bitch Studios
Engineered by Steve Wilson.
Mixed by ESOTERIC.

2xCD - Aesthetic Death
3xLP - Aesthetic Death
1 -  Creation (Through Destruction) 
Music/Lyrics: Greg ChandlerGreg Chandler

Night surrounds me,
As I sit alone,
In the indecipherable darkness.
I smell the noise of past.

Vivacity of the wind begets clear my mind.
In eternal isolation.
Those that pretend to care,kill you,
And leave you for being dead.

I seek,for where am I?
The throes of death swirl within me,
And I smile.....

Life,raped by disease.
Cast out.
No place for me here.
I create my kingdom.
Creation through destruction,
Cut out the heart of the Christian disease.

Knowledge my fortune,
I channel the strength of my will.

The lure of the moonlight,
Streams forth,with abundance of strength.
I bask in it's essence,
Devouring the force,
Succouring my veins.
I traverse to the beckon of my desire.

This stagnant humanity serves only to frustrate.
Unfit to stand alone,huddled in their masses,
Synonymous in their worthless existence.

The time will come to pass.
Creation of life,
Destruction of the disease.

2 -  Dominion of Slaves 
Music/Lyrics: Steve Peters/Greg Chandler

Internal images,
Scattered within translucent thought.
Order amongst the chaos of the psyche.

The external dilapidation,
A tribute to their world of regression.
I pour forth my scorn,
To the dominion of slaves.
Bound by blindness.
Their fear of the unknown,
Is greater than the price of ignorance.

The changing face of humanity.
A different face for each occasion.
Remove the mask and see the vacant stare.

The mask is all they know....

Behold the sight,
The irony of it all.

Everything is true,
In the dimension of dreams.

Their dirge wrought through the chains of insecurity.
The common-trod path leads to oblivion (trampled by fools),
The path that is built remains strong.

The valour of perception,
Is bestowed upon few.

3 -  Allegiance 
Music/Lyrics: Bryan Beck/Bryan Beck, Greg Chandler

My destitute life I owe to no one.
I reside alone in the darkness,
Staring out from the blackened walls of my mind.
Tormented through knowledge,unshackled by wisdom,
I attain autonomy.

Bound to no mortal,
Unable to trust in this world built upon lies.
I take what I desire,I adhere to no laws.

In allegiance with darkness,
The darkness within myself,
The dark force of the earth.

My understanding now vast,
I have devoted years of isolation,
To thought,to knowledge,
So that I may see for myself,
With my own mind!
My empiricist ways have seen power by my own hand!

As the night stalk's revenge,
The moon is culling for blood,so will it be!
This soulless light,
Shall feel the pain of my suffering.

I suffer alone,in the darkness.
My serpentine mind,screams in delight,
As my cries echo through the pathways of my mind,
All goes still,
Rationale complete,
Chaos shatters my sentient thought.
My pain is endless,as will be yours!

I will kill your purity,
I will purge your innocence,
As I walk in disgust,
Into each vacant eye I stare,
My head hangs low in sorrow.

For so few see through the haze of this reality,
So very few attain their desire.
In allegiance......

4 -  NOXBC9701040 
Music: Esoteric

5 -  Sinistrous 
Music/Lyrics: Simon Phillips/Greg Chandler

Sullen, I loom forth into the microcosm,
Exuberant voices abound.
I hear their scrapings of life,
Falling, into infinity.

Knowledge is understanding,
And not truth.
Truth is the myth that mocks us.
Verification, the addendum of nothing.
Paradoxical irony.

The fools, content to live as numbers.
What is it, that holds their attention,
So far from the innate questioning?
Where do they live?
The infinity of wisdom could not scour
The shit from their eyes.

.... Their will, sold for security ....

This world, bathed in the filth of stupidity.
Retarded humans, etching out their predetermined frameworks,
Created as a pathetic excuse for the unfounded purpose.

.... My disconsolateness reigns supreme ....

For mine shall be hidden.
I speak so that time may know I have spoken,
And not so that time is lost within my speech.

.... Throughout the silence, I nurture the unspoken words ....

Intransigent predator.
Look to your numbers .... And you shall be my prey!

6 -  At War With The Race 
Music/Lyrics: Simon Phillips/Greg Chandler

Born unto a bastard nation,
The dying remnants of our breed.
Aura's of,an ancient past,
Of those that knew so long before....

But time goes on...
Misanthropic breed,
Engulf our suffering,
Food for the strong.

To overcome is the way of the warrior,
Regret not that which we have done,
Regret that which we have not.

Blackness in our pride,
Cast the event o'er again.
Let thy wisdom be thy guide,
Let thy will be thy gain.
And feed.

Gluttonous rapture.
The sword so bravely held,
Marked with the blood of death (the certainty of life).

Time,the foe of all whom would'st not taste.
Let mine will be fulfilled,
Let the rest go to waste.

Let the blood run.
At war with the race (of humanity).

7 -  A Worthless Dream 
Music/Lyrics: Greg ChandlerGreg Chandler

So much to live,
Yet the yearning for death,
Perpetual in my mind.
To end the pain.

I wait for time to show me my path,
The continuum or the end?
I see it so clearly it burns my eyes.

Into absolutes I fall.
No time left.
Realisation cuts off all pretence.

My dreams so rarely dreams,
Just messages of pain in my subconscious.
So tired of waking and screaming,
And my mind can only ever say no!

Every day,I watch the morning break,
Before entering into my nightmare of sleep.
I hope one day I may wake and smile.

A fool's hope...
A worthless dream....

8 -  Stygian Narcosis 
Music/Lyrics: Steve Peters/Greg Chandler

Whispers of insanity bombard my rationale.
Aeons passed since I last did feel,
The joy of my tears,
Streaming,in dissipation of sorrow.

The insidious beauty,so quiescent.
Vehemence,stronger still,
...Yet dying....

...As yet another gorge,
Fails to bleed.
I rub salt into mine open wounds,
Scars heal,but the flesh is then dead.
Pain spills,from my mind into my body.

Time expires,
And I see what has passed.
Overspent in mourning.
Death came for me in years of past,
And left me to live in death.

Life is given to us....obsolete.....

As the dust flew,I smelt the ancient past.
From whence did I know what it is that I know?
Or what it was that I knew?
Time is the carrier of knowledge.
Much can be recalled in time....
...But in a moment.......?

Knowledge becomes nothing,
When faced with the propensity of time.
Once lost,'tis lost forever.
So much to know (each answer begets a greater question),
The importance of truth is so much greater,
And hidden amongst lies.

.....I am all which mocks virtue.....

Release the shackles of the flesh,
What name must I bequeath (upon my kingdom)?

Amidst the slumber,I awaken the dream.....

Portals of obscurity burst forth into my eyes,
As I plunge into the ascending chaos.....

I journey on,the lights dripping their luminescence.
Crossed dimensions imbibe me,
I see all,but can do nothing but see.

....I roam....

I am enraged.
Inspired by my insanity.

These worlds,unknown.
I cry for this solitude.
Is it mine fortune to have entered such visions?
Canst I decipher the vision to words?

Words cannot conceive.
I extol my journey through the vision of sound.

Imbibe thine mind if thou durst see!
Travel betwixt the demented seas!

....Reflect the journey....

9 -  Passing Through Matter 
Music/Lyrics: Greg ChandlerGreg Chandler

Passing through matter,
I tear onwards.
Bitterness empowers my will,
Darkness permeates the living tissues of my flesh,
As I surround.....

Chaos revels in my mind.
Celebrate the destruction,
Scorn the travesty of times.....
....Such times of nonchalance.

The unforeseen tragedies shall be a monument,
To my will.
For they shall be as non-being.
Engulfed by the strength of past.

Have I not laughed when it did come?
Devoured the pain.
Now it is mine,
To wield,to bestow.
The fuel of my acumen.

Not of woman born, Are we.
But of pain and anger.
The feisty depths of passion,
To which mortals could only fear.

As Lucifer,we were not cast down,
We each took our own kingdom......

Nothing is so endearing to behold.
As the fortitude of will,
In it's merciless cascade.....
.....To satiate the dreams of mortals.....

Invoke the zenith of transcendence,
Dressed in oratory skills.
Tear asunder the volition,
Power,in it's purest form.
A storm to the testimony of time......!